Drs. Chua and Draper will work closely with you and your referring clinician to ensure that all diagnoses, tests and treatment are either made or administered in the most timely and effective manner. To schedule an appointment, please refer to the Contact Details and Appointments page further on.

Most patients are seen following a referral from either a GP or another healthcare professional. However, self-paying patients may also contact the London Lung Partnership directly for an appointment. Please bring along any recent or pertinent x-rays, CT scans (or their reports) and blood test results. A list of your medications will also be helpful.

During your consultation, we will take a full medical history, review previously obtained test findings, complete a physical examination and order relevant further investigations. Some of these, such as shortened lung function tests (spirometry with flow-volume loop) may be performed at the end of the consultation.

Some tests may require obtaining informed consent (such as bronchoscopy) – this can be accomplished during the consultation. We will discuss with you our clinical impressions and any concerns that you might have. Follow-up visits may be necessary and can be arranged at the end of the initial meeting. In some cases, advice from an allied specialist or thoracic surgeon may be sought as part of your work-up or treatment; any such decision will be fully discussed with you.