The London Lung Partnership (LLP) provides clinical expertise to accompany an extensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with lung (respiratory) and chest wall problems. Our philosophy is based on rendering a caring, careful and comprehensive approach to achieving a diagnosis and implementing a management plan that is individualised to each person. We aim to see patients in the shortest time possible, either as referrals from other doctors or as self-referring patients.


Experiencing one or more unexplained respiratory or chest wall symptoms can produce anxiety and concern. Ensuring your peace of mind is a key priority to us. Our goal is to work with you and your primary physician (usually GP) to help you understand your respiratory problem and determine the best possible care for your condition. We also work very closely with specialist radiologists, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists as well as other physicians whose experience and expertise may be rapidly sought where necessary.

Referrals to us may be for one or more of these reasons:

    • A diagnosis is sought to explain one or more symptoms such as breathlessness, chest tightness, cough, wheeze, expectoration of blood in sputum (haemoptysis), repeated chest infections, weight loss, excessive sweating, fever, snoring and interrupted (even ‘cessation’) of breathing at night
    • An explanation and other tests are required following an abnormal chest x-ray
    • Second opinion and/or further investigations when a diagnosis needs to be more secure
    • An expert opinion is required for chest wall pain following an injury or deformity of the chest wall.
    • Treatment of a diagnosis recently or previously made elsewhere (including infections, lung fibrosis, etc.)
    • Surgical diagnosis and management of a wide variety of disorders including pleural effusion/s, pneumothorax, infective empyema of the pleural space, lung cancer, secondary cancers affcting the lung and mesothelioma